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The Last Thing I Said. 
7th-Aug-2006 01:23 pm(no subject)
deadove stybba
Vancouver pride was so much fun! For some reason it's always more fun than Seattle's Pride. Anyway since I'm too lazy to write out everything we did, here's a short recap of my weekend in Vancouver with Colleen, Lauri, Michael, Mattie, Cam, & Donna.

Long Island Iced Teas. Topless women (both in and out of the hotel room). Long walks. Birthday presents. Escargot (yes, escargot). Piggyback rides. Getting lost. Awesomely tiny, but comfortable hotel room. Unavailable taxi's. Red lipstick that was still on even the morning after. Naked people. Lush. Beads, lots of beads. Long border lines. Awkward kissing. Strawberry and Honey Martini. Laughter, lots and lots of laughter. Nipples that wanted pasties. A happy birthday girl. Cramped backseats. Fruit soaked in Vodka, Rum, and Midori. Valet parking. Wandering adventures. Pina Coladas. The search for lesbians. Fortune cookies that say "sex is good." and "it only takes one time." Amazingly awesome parade.

My fave quote from Saturday night

Me, drinking my Pina Colada
Donna: "Have you ever had one before?"
Me: "Nope"
Donna, nods her head and looks out the window. 5 seconds pass.
Me: "Wow, this is really good."
Donna: "Have you ever had one before?"
Me, stares silently for a couple of seconds: "No. Are you serious? You just asked me that."
Hilarious laughter from everyone at the table as we realize how drunk she really is.
29th-Jul-2006 02:16 pm(no subject)
can't remember who's this is
It's time to CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!(VENTURE...Venture....venture...)

I died in the Dungeon of Xxgasm

I was killed in a freezing cold tomb by Distortedland the gelatinous cube, whilst carrying...

the Wand of Wildzephyr, the Dagger of Special Kay02, a Figurine of Solomen, the Crown of Quantum Rainbow and 38 gold pieces.

Score: 81

Explore the Dungeon of Xxgasm and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Also, I'm so excited for Vanpride. I've got so much awesome stuff planned as it coincides with Colleen's b-day. And you know I'm not gonna let my girl down with the bday festivities just cause it's pride.
27th-Jul-2006 12:09 am(no subject)
dirty little mouth by nerdork
So protesting today was awesome! We first went to Taco Lobo for the arranged meeting, which turned out pretty boring (as usual) since all the older gays who are 'running the show' are already jaded and bitter. Us young'uns took our signs (me and colleen made 8 signs out of sticks and posterboard with such quality phrases as: 'Stop Legalized Bigotry!' and 'Will Work For Gay Marriage!'). We held our signs at the corner of Ellis and Holly and soon were joined by 10 more people. So many people cheered, it was awesome. We caught the end of rush hour when we first started so we were getting a lot of cars. Now I'm knackered, so I'll see you guys later.
25th-Jul-2006 07:51 pm(no subject)
white castle
Isn't it creepy when horoscopes are really spot on? I totally read one with 3 different parts and each one was exact. I never really follow a horoscopes advice, but since I really do need to put oil in my car, I will. Now I'm off to search for food.

Also, ATTN: ROOMMATES Coming home after a 3 day weekend away and finding every single cup dirty, as well as a variety of dirty dishes all over the counter and overflowing the sink is not enjoyable. All that was left clean was one lonely little mug. Clean up your gross crap or don't be surprised if one night you pull back your blanket and find dirty dishes all over your bed.
24th-Jul-2006 01:07 pm(no subject)
b&w me
I think myspace being down has taken it's toll on Colleen. She's been checking it every hour and just called me from work to check it for her! And earlier she threw her flip flops on the floor and stomped her feet, pouting and shaking her whole body. And then she called me a bitch for laughing at her!

I'm just kidding. I needed something entertaining for her to read when she gets off work and imagining Colleen as a whiny brat fits the bill.
23rd-Jul-2006 10:53 pm(no subject)
can't remember who's this is
You know you're cheery when you find yourself dancing to a commercial about school supplies.
They're chasing after Colleen like dogs after a bone. I could make a lot of boner jokes right now, but I'm restraining myself just for you.

Me: I have a hair in my mouth.
Baby: I have spit in my mouth.
Me: I have my tongue in my mouth.
Baby: Well, I have your tongue in my mouth.
*Awkward Silence*
*Hysterical Laughter*
20th-Jul-2006 05:38 pm(no subject)
I am here
Doo do da lee loo, cleaning my room. Last night's outdoor photoshoot was crazy fun, we should do that again soon.

I'm running out of food, but the stupid fuckers at Property Management Professionals have yet to get back to me about my food stamps form. All they have to do is fill out one page. I feel bad for the assistants because it's our property manager who has to fill it out,yet they have to bear the brunt of my nagging phone calls. It's been a week since I turned in that form to them and I've called three times. My property manager is never in, I swear if I don't see that paper soon I'm going to start going there every day and just sit in the lobby, tripping everyone who goes by.
19th-Jul-2006 06:43 pm(no subject)
can't remember who's this is
I never post when I'm happy, probably cause I'm busy having too much fun, but since I have a little downtime (after eating party food and before writing another awesome song), I thought I'd do a little life update.

This past week has been so awesome. Cheap discounted food, free movies from cute guys at Crazy Mike's, Arrested Development marathons, and waaaayyyy to much tequila. Not to mention, Jenny's back from Europe and we're going to have sushi; we're sending another awesome package to Catherine soon (expect that Catherine); and I'm about to go shopping in Canada.

Plus, Vancouver pride is going to be so great. My bra size is pretty much what I thought it was, walking around in heels is fun, and I love my music collection. I worked four days in a row, found out that interracial porn titles are racist (Me So Horny), and there is such a thing as too many glade plug-ins.

I hope Crash liked the card and chocolate.
The poem from the card went something like this:
I Heard You Were Sick
And You Don't Like To Suck Dick...
So Here's Some Chocolate
11th-Jul-2006 02:30 am(no subject)
can't remember who's this is
My anger knows no bounds right now. The fact that someone we trusted would not only spread lies about us to other friends and even strangers, but such horrible ones, is so completely offensive that I can't even sleep. And while Colleen's vision of impending drama became true, I didn't realize that I would be involved in it. I laughed off her warnings, "Oh Colleen," I said, "You're so emo. Drama cannot touch me, for as long as you don't involve yourself with drama, it won't involve you." Now of course I realize, people are pieces of shit. Oh, how I miss the drama free (for me anyway) days of the Sense Offenders.
5th-Jul-2006 10:21 pm(no subject)
can't remember who's this is
That's another one for The Chart...don't judge me, everyone does it.
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